South African Mobile Devices Distributors
and Repairers Association

About Us

Our vision is to be a leading referential organisation for the Mobile Computing Devices industry on the African continent

as a non-profit company

SAMDDRA is a non-profit company registered in South Africa (2020/549809/08) and the NPO 248/753 and operating from South Africa.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Commitment to Customer satisfaction

Initiated in April 2020 in South Africa, the South African Mobile Devices Distributors and Repairs Association (SAMDDRA) responds to a need for a professional body to unite and represent this sector’s professionals, relevant members of the ICT industry and various stakeholders in society through officially recognised structured trainings, accreditation, certification and the promotion of service excellence for the benefit of the public as a participation to the attainment of the South African National Development Plan (NDP) and the United Nation’s sustainable development goals (SDGs) to transform the world.


To promote the economic and professional interests of the members of the Association and of their related professions


To create, certify, uphold and improve qualification standards towards integrity and professional conduct of members of the association.


To bind members of the association to professional, ethical and civil conduct in the delivery of products and services.


To improve, promote and maintain the professional image of the mobile devices industry for the public in general and specifically for customers.


To represent generally the views and interests of the members on all professionally related matters, including representing members in dealings with customers, the public and private sectors.


To uphold and advocate for high delivery standards through the provision of satisfactory and dependable professional services.


To do all such things that may advance primarily the interests of its members but also of the public and the industry in general.