South African Mobile Devices Distributors
and Repairers Association


An Accreditation is the formal process where an independent organisation, agency or body evaluates an institution or company to verify that it meets defined quality or professional standards.

The SAMDDRA appeal policy for aggrieved candidates unsuccessful on matters related to any stage of the accreditation process is found here

A SAMDDRA accredited institution or company has a formal recognition of its ability to meet specific SAMDDRA requirements and competencies related to people, technology and processes in the delivery of products and services to the public.

A company or institution member of SAMDDRA may have one or many accredited operational sites. Each site will have to be assessed on its own merit. (A company may be a silver member, have one branch accredited for sales only and another one for repair, and a third site for e-Waste for example).

SAMDDRA accreditations are available to companies and institutions that are SAMDDRA members in good standing. Accreditations are aligned to the mobile industry, electronic waste and associated business streams.