South African Mobile Devices Distributors
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Certifications and Designations

A certification attests that an individual has the knowledge and skills needed to perform a specific work efficiently and proficiently.

The list of SAMDDRA designations and their corresponding assessment codes can be downloaded from this link: SAMDDRA Designations 2024.2025

Certification is earned through completion of a professional training program, demonstrated work experience, proficiency evaluations or written examinations.

A professional designation is a title or status conferred by a professional body in recognition of a person’s expertise and/or right to practice in an occupational field. A professional designation is a ‘warrant of competence’ and speaks to criteria of competencies, values, attitudes, ethics and ongoing professional development required to practice in an occupational field. A professional designation is not an academic qualification which is mostly conferred through a registered education institution.

SAMDDRA professional designations extended to SAMDDRA members in good standing are mainly drawn from the mobile industry, electronic waste and related business streams. An applicant of a SAMDDRA professional designation is responsible for the payment of any required processing cost including for any test, assessment, certification, translation, preparation, etc…

Designation Books


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Please note that our designation books are password protected. To download, you first need to send a mail with the required designation title and the SAMDDRA administrator will send you the password.

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