South African Mobile Devices Distributors
and Repairers Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) that cover a variety of SAMDDRA's topics

General questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SAMDDRA a state-owned agency ?
No, SAMDDRA is not a state agency. It is a professional body and non profit company registered for public interest in South Africa mainly for the mobile devices industry and related.
Where is the SAMDDRA Office located ?
SAMDDRA’s Office is located at Building 10, 84 Bekker road, Vorna Valley, Midrand 1686, Johannesburg. RSA. Telephone: +27 11 655 7313
Can anyone join SAMDDRA ?
Yes. SAMDDRA is an organisation created for public interest and anyone can join in line with our membership rules.
Can a resident outside of South Africa become a member of SAMDDRA ?
Yes, SAMDDRA is a professional body that generally align to SAQA qualifications and regulations. Individuals with foreign qualifications have to obtain an equivalent from SAQA at their own cost before applying for SAMDDRA membership.
Are SAMDDRA services free of charge ?
Not necessarily. Free services for the public do exist from SAMDDRA especially when it comes with complaints related our members. However, many services are paid by the applicant.

Skills, skills and more skills!

Organizing mobile computing devices related trainings, Worshops, Webinars, Knowledge sharing sessions and continuous professional development(CPD).