Become a member at SAMDDRA

Membership Benefit Types

SAMDDRA presents 2 high level streams of membership :

  • Personal membership (for individuals); and
  • Business membership which is for SMMEs, companies and institutions.
At SAMDDRA, a Mobile Service Provider is any company providing all of the Hardware, Software and Network related services to mobile users in a large scale.

Members Code of Conduct

SAMDDRA and its Members subscribe to the Consumer Protection Act (No 68, 2008) of the Republic of South Africa and the principles thereof including :

  • The Consumer’s right to choose.
  • The Consumer’s right to privacy.
  • The right to fair and honest dealing.
  • The right to the disclosure of information.
  • The right to fair and responsible marketing.
  • The right of equality in the consumer market.
  • The right to fair, just, responsible and transparent terms and conditions.
SAMDDRA’s Members are committed to service excellence in line with agreements both with the customer and with the association; therefore SAMDDRA Members have given you, the customer, the right to address complaints via an independent complaint procedure aimed at resolving consumer complaints and disputes