South African Mobile Devices Distributors
and Repairers Association

Personal Membership

Any person may apply for SAMDDRA membership once the minimum requirements are gathered. Three types of membership are available for individuals: Affiliate, ordinary member and technical member.

Membership Categories

Organizing mobile computing devices professionals in South Africa.

Affiliate Membership

This non-renewable membership is valid for one year only. It is granted to SAMDDRA's own or partners’ graduates as a once off free membership. An application is required.

R0.00 /an.

Ordinary Membership

Available to anyone interested in SAMDDRA’s activities and who is approved by the Board of SAMDDRA. A membership application and annual membership fee are required.

R850.00 /an.

Technical Membership

Available to any holder of a SAMDDRA technical certificate and who is approved by the Board of SAMDDRA. A membership application and annual membership fee are required.

R950.00 /an.

Membership Benefits

SAMDDRA and its Members subscribe to the Consumer Protection Act (No 68, 2008) of the Republic of South Africa.

  • SAMDDRA Membership and Member’s Card (Card fee not included in membership fee).
  • Professional recognition, validation and status: gain credibility and trust from peers, customers, employers, investors and other stakeholders.
  • Display your status as a certified professional in your place of business, on your website, business card and directories. It reassures customers.
  • Participation in a collective voice for increased employment and business opportunities.
  • Shared interest or a common cause for purposes of influencing government and policies.
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to keep abreast with industry advances over time.
  • Advisory and assistance with industry related matters from peers, from SAMDDRA and from industry stakeholders.
  • Business networking platform for industry updates, strategies and exchanges.
  • Members pursuit of excellence due to the sense of monitored accountability and quality of products and services rendered to the public.
  • Additional benefits from time to time based on membership type, like access to industry events or insights, discounts to exhibitions, seminars, conferences and workshops, special invitations functions and events, etc….